EP21: Insisterous

Hope you’ve got good ears, because this episode feature’s Zaeli’s sister and they have damn near the same voice! But it’s well worth the effort to parse them apart, because Caroline has her own special wisdom and sass, enlightening us about PMDD, “echo crushes”, life as a little sister, toxic cycles, and prepping to peak.

EP20: It can be like Darth Vader up in there

Pop your earbuds in and enjoy the laughter bubbling from our beautifully bodacious babe of a guest. This real life Cupid shares her qualms with trees, her love of the Rock, explains why she’s her own daughters “boo”, and how she’s not black, she’s Canadian.

EP19: “If you can’t say it right, get the H out!”

His literal Humble upbringings set the tone for this comedian/philosophers wild tales of his family being abandoned by a lowlife Bible, his preference for meeting potential new flames the old fashioned way, and how he asked for Gods forgiveness over and over and over again.