EP99: Man of the house

Our guest hails from the booty shaking days of MTV’s spring break, back when nudie mag briefcase heists were the only way to see the whole chichi. Porno dick, “the scare”, shower sex,  outercourse on the dance floor, and getting past the negativity to know the one that you are with.

EP98: It all came out

Welcome back to the second half of this Florida exorcism transmission. Psychedelic revelations, sniffing armpits, shit plea deals, chat roulette, and embracing self and sexual actualization without being anybody’s punching bag, unless of course that’s what we’re into…

EP97: Go take your pills

Our guest brings her husband to the avocado pit with Bonnie and I and we get vulnerable as all get out. She talks about disappointing her parents with a vagina, making out with pillows, secret letters and phones, the importance of human contact and how she lost her virginity twice.

EP96: Into the sounds

Anybody a sucker for Ellen Greene’s voice as Audrey in the Little Shop of Horrors? Women’s voices, erotica, male cosplay, gender wobbles, and loose morals are some of the many flavors we enjoy with this impenetrable (extremely reformed Jewish) nerd who always knew she was “that”.

EP95: When I was a girl

Having a blast with the jets at the local wave pool was a sure fire way to get this guests oceans into motion. Nikkie explains her bouts with back massagers, being more than just a feminine thing to look at, and how she longs to lose the GPS and get lost.

EP94: Dual Romanian Twin Action

From Los Angeles to Boston to Leander? This born at home Dad tells tales of super sperm that can defeat any contraceptive known to man, his daughters role in his altered view of women, and how one bad night struggling in a tent on the beach can beg the question “What is this going to…

EP93: You weren’t the first one

You know things aren’t great at home when you join the military to get the fuck out. Back in the shire (Eugene, OR.) Chris and Soledad smoke a peace pipe with local photographer Zach. It’s about homeschool horrors, tales of wild ones, addressing the demons, and knowing when to roll on to the next one.

EP92: Her boobs get hard

Chris travels back to Oregon to interview yet another Texan. Along with roommates Soledad (ep25) and Nick, we hear about Chad’s sheltered upbringing, pussy eating practice, magical mushroom awakenings, and how he would pray and apologize to God as soon as he finished wiping up.

EP91: Exit only honey!

“Can you do me a favor? Will you take my virginity?” A West African hailing from Sugarland, TX. Kemmah talks about really bad periods in her life, how only hurt people hurt people,  and explains that this snuggy bunny is not down for small talk, especially if you make gang signs when you smile.

EP90: Real cool secret handshake

Adam is the reason Nuns used to beat children, or at least that’s what they told him. Our guest talks about being a slutty child cutting crotch holes into his tighty whitey’s, Adderall fueled limp loads, the ultimate pussy hat, and all kinds of other stuff that was pounded into him. Also Bonnie and Adam…

EP89: And think about pancakes

Hold the ice on these cock-tales folks, we need to wash down these hot sticky crepes.  Our guests affinity for cartoons leaps quickly from Manga to Hentai.  Scarlett entertains us with the legend of “the knee”, leading gimps around on Bourbon St., and how there is more than one way to mark your bedpost.

EP88: The alley changed me

This episode is the 2nd half of our conversation with the loveable Roderick. He talks Brady Bunching it, fake butts on chests, how hard it was when he auditioned to be a porn star, and how even though the rules of engagement changed, he still missed his chance to go Full Monty.